Get to know how to get rid of tartar with scaling

One way to remove tartar to maintain cleanliness and dental health is by scaling method. The rest of the food that is piled up can not only cause tartar. But it can also cause a variety of dental problems that will torment later in life. Tartar is a dental plaque that has accumulated for a long time and hardens. Dental plaque can actually still be cleaned by brushing your teeth twice a day. However, if you rarely brush your teeth or don't brush your teeth clean, the result will be dental plaque will harden and become tartar. Tartar occurs because the teeth are not cleaned by brushing and gargling. Bacteria in plaque will produce acids that can damage teeth, cause cavities, and make poisons that can damage the gums. When plaque on the teeth mix with minerals in saliva, hard deposits will form called tartar or calculus. If it is formed, need the help of a dentist to remove tartar, one of which is by scaling technique. And if ignored, the consequences can be severe. Not only does
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